Journalism - Day 1
Journalism - Day 2

Inside your Desktop Publishing folder, create a new folder with the file name: Journalism

Journalism – Day 1

Hand outs:
Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Discuss the highlighted text
Different Types of Columns and Editorials
  • Discuss the highlighted text
Newspaper Terminology
  • Add Double truck w/ definition to the list of terms

Columns & Editorials
  • Using "Roohit", highlight the most important points and when finished, email the URL to Mrs. Peters.
  • Look up: Double-truck using Wikipedia

Download the document and save in "Desktop Publishing" class folder

  • Using the highlighting tool in Word, highlight the most important points. Save and email as an attachment to Mrs. Peters

Newspaper Terminology
Quiz on "Art" through "City Desk" next class period

Journalism – Day 2

  • Download the worksheet below and it in your "Journalism" folder inside you "Desktop Publishing" class folder. Complete the worksheet using the Columns & Editorials article download from the day before.